It’s that word again, Success– that gravy train many of us hopes to ride. And there are many 2 cents and some change about this word. Heck, even I’ve written a couple of blogs around the topic. I’ve asked you How Do You Define Success , what are you willing to do to achieve your definition of success,and even challenged you to face fears of success.

This time around, I wanted to vlog some words of encouragement since some of us are already mapping out plans for 2015, and might get all wrapped up in listening to our evil success nemesis, the comparison queen if we’re not careful. It’s all too easy to take your eyes off the prize (your purpose) especially when people in your tribe are doing cool things like being modern day gypsies, or meeting Martha Stewart to learn yummy recipes and such. And that’s awesome for them and you can celebrate your friends and mentors.

But, the thing is, your path is your path. So, I hope you enjoy my latest video blog. I recorded while on a weekend road trip visiting one of my favorite Aunties, (she’s the one who did my makeup for all the professional pics you see of me) : )

Just in Case you couldn’t click through to the video here’s the direct link:

Until next time…

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