So, I wanted to publish this earlier this week but I caught a terrible “seasonal change” cold and had to prioritize (I chose rest and getting healthy). Now that I’m feeling a little better I decided to take up this challenge presented by my fellow audacious life adventurers over in the audacity lab. Honestly, it came at a great time since I usually practice a focus month of gratitude and thankfulness during the month of November.

So, here’s 10 Spectacular Things Happening in my Life Right Now dance through life1) Catching this Cold- I know this doesn’t sound like something awesome, but I try darn hard to see the bright side of things. Honestly, I’ve been tired lately and even though my body craved rest I didn’t give in and pressed on. This cold has knocked me on my butt when it didn’t really have to so that I could give myself some much needed tlc in the self-care department. I realized that even self-love comes with its own slices and this particular slice needed my attention in more ways than one.

2) My personal Astonish Yourself Project- Speaking of love and the Audacity lab, I hinted in a previous post that I would be working on a project that was deeply focused on love. As I delve more into my studies on love and learning some very cool history tidbits too… I am super excited about applying what I’ve been learning along the way as I develop something that I know is going to be amazing! I can’t talk too much about it just yet but be on the lookout for something fabulous in 2015 *wink wink*

3) – Another pleasant mixture of when social media meets IRL (in real life) situations. Even though I’ve referenced Meetup in the past, and had set up an account, I had never actually leveraged meetup until very recently. Now, even though Powermatch – targeted business networking was already around, Sara its fearless leader, created a complimentary Meetup group that gets together once a month and I’ve found myself immensely liking the culture of business networking she’s developed. But for this post, I’m referring to a non-business related group.

I’ve joined in on a few of hangouts and have come to appreciate the time I spend with this diverse group of individuals connecting through a shared personality trait. Right now, I’ve found a happy place for this particular part of my journey with my 2 groups and it’s spectacular to me.

4) Philly- I still love being so close this city. Heck being from Jersey puts me in driving distance from a lot of really awesome majorphilly falls cities on the east coast including New York (and I’ve had tons of fun up there too). But since Philly is a 15-20 min train ride away. I take in as much city time as I can right across the bridge. There are a lot of changes taking place over the bridge gentrification being one of them. But there are just so many hidden gems I’m still discovering in this region. I mean… the food, and the culture, the arts, the universities, the ability to come back to my quiet burb when I want to sleep at night ha! (Seriously, that’s a blessing).

5) My Bestie moving back- Home feels more like home when the ones you love are there. My bestie moved back after a stint near the ATL. Although I can’t keep her here for long since she hates cold winters. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we’ve both recently entered a new decade in life and I’m glad to get to start it off with her here so we can laugh and cry and laugh some more about it over coffee instead of the phone.

6) My new little nephew- I was supposed to come up to the hospital after his birth like everyone else instead I happen to be around when the water broke all the way through to and after the delivery. Let me tell you, I remain convinced motherhood is not for me. Good lordy geeze that was a scene to behold! This little guy gave me quite a scare as he was born not breathing. But he pulled through and is super amazing and so alert…(Auntie brag moment) I can’t wait to take him to the anime conventions and comic-con!

7) I get to be a connector- One of the reasons I wanted to build a blog instead of just journaling my thoughts was so that when the time came, my blogging would allow me the opportunity to be a resource for people who set out to do good things to make this world a better place. One of my clients,  a coach I respect and admire Dr. Clack just so happened to mention to me that she was trying to find an organization that addressed human trafficking.  She was frustrated because she had been to some major networking events and no one could point her in the right direction. What she didn’t know however, was that besides arts for mental health and social change, a cause near and dear to my heart is the ending of human trafficking. I had even did a special independent study on it during my college years. And I just so happened to know of Kelly Masters, (who I met on Facebook and then later at a local cafe) she headed the organization Dining For Dignity that was combating and educating people about human trafficking right here in our own back yard. #Socialmediaforsocialchange

8) The realization that I’m already living my dreams- Being able to be a connector is one part of the story, really building connections/relationships are all a part of the larger scheme of things… One day I looked up at my vision board and gave myself a big hug. Even though I’ve much work to do, my past has shown me that when I set my mind to do a task I am more than capable of turning vision into reality on numerous occasions. This is not only true for myself, but also through my work by aiding my clients as a part of their team, so that they could do the same. Man, it’s a wonderful feeling!

9) Team Moon- Another happy place for me right now is the support I now have in my own corner. When I first started this crazy ride called entrepreneurship I didn’t get much support at all. Heck, I didn’t even support me like I knew I could because I was so convinced that other people knew what was best for me rather than trusting and believing in all that was good and divine within me.

10) Clarity- Like I said the more you know yourself and the more you trust and believe in yourself, shifts began to take place and new paths open. I am looking forward to learning more about the woman I am becoming and how she will share her unique super powers with the world.

Until next time…

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