There are many goal-setting techniques out there to choose from. I’ve personally read about so many different kinds I got serious information overload. So what I try to do now is create structure around purpose while leaving space to color outside the lines. Here’s how I set my art in motion.

1) Reflect. History isn’t there to remind us of our failures. It’s there to teach us how we can succeed next time around. We reflect on what was, how we showed up to our lives, how we created more purpose so we can determine where our adventured will take us next. One way to make this process is to keep a record. I prefer to journal, my best friend knows that she knows that she knows journaling ain’t happening, so I suggested that she use the voice recording app on her phone and make audio journal entries. If she ever wanted to read it transcription services would be well worth the investment.
2) Dump. During my reflections I begin formulating tons of thoughts and creative ideas. Words come to mind. Images come to mind. Songs play in my mind. I record or collect them all. I don’t care if words pop up in my head that feel so far-fetched I write them if not for now then later. The key is to just let it flow. Don’t think about where you’ll place the items on a vision board or how the words are supposed to represent an income stream. The aim is to dream and let your imagination soar.
3) Choose. Out of that dump find one word, or a few words to create a phrase or theme for how you want to show up to your life for the year. It can represent what you want to see happen, how you see yourself at the end of the year, or the gifts you want to share while being a work in progress. Don’t get hung up on this step, you’ll find yourself making excuses to keep from action so keep it moving because it may come to you after the fact. This year my word, BREAKTHROUGH came during my reflections when I was journaling about how I couldn’t think of one word. My theme song, Go Get It came a few days later. I believe it flowed easier to me this year only because I’ve been actively practicing getting quiet and listening to my innersuperhoine speak to my heart.
4) Organize. Since the whole of my life is made up of several slices. I organize my dump into slices. Personal, Social, Spirtual, Physical, Professional, and Financial. By this time I try to pull 1 to 3 sentences together to align with each slice. If I accomplish it or the essence of it before the year is out I simply pull something new from my dump to work on next. So for instance, under Physical I knew a breathrough year beckoned me to feel good about the environment I slept in and worked in as well as to take care of my health so that I could have the energy to work towards my success. So under my Social slice I found myself writing: Light a scented candle before I do creative work each day. Why put this? Because it calms me and helps me write without editing at the same time. If you want some deeper insight and methodology into what goes into each slice, check out the Joy Equation. (One of my very 1st and best experiences with the coaching realm).
5) Astonish. When I set out to astonish myself, I don’t always set a SMART goal. Instead, under each slice of life I set out to simply to rock my own socks off for the year and obviously every year after that. The exception to this rule mainly falls to my professional and financial slices, only because I’m programmed to and am still actively learning to bring a more authentic take to these areas. But even now I’ve recently learned about having a one sentence business plan and just letting the how flow from it. The point is take action, and I do it so I feel alive because only then can I truly nourish others with the overflow.

This system (because that’s what it is) works for me and every year I learn how to improve upon it which in turn improves the results I see. I’m a firm believer that a simple, proven system done consistently works miracles and wonders. How you activate is entirely up to you.

Until Next time…Peace!

Flickr Credit: Restlessglobetrotter

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