Why do we love the story of the underdog? You know, that one really determined person who against all odds surpasses expectations and comes out a winner. What is it about that person that makes us want, so much so, to see them finally “make it.” That is up until they actually do, and continue to do so over and over again no longer an underdog but a full-fledged champion (same background, same story). And what is it about that very same person who had the nerve, guts, and glory to rise from the ashes and step into the spotlight of “oohs and ahhs” in turn recieve “have you forgotten where you came froms” and “who the heck do you think you ares”?

People are funny that way sometimes.

Let’s say you’re an artist and life is your canvas, you create and shape things, and color outside the proverbial lines from time to time. There will be some who love what you do, love what it represents to their existence, love that you are creating things, and maybe even love you. Then there will be others who fear those same things; it makes them uncomfortable when you don’t fit in with their comfortable. And fear makes people do things, things that make those on the receiving end of that fear have knee jerk reactions  and then the lyrics to “All Along the Watchtower” make perfect sense and March becomes Women’s History Month.

Life is interesting that way sometimes.

It was not too long ago that we as women had to rise out of the ashes while listening to the “who the heck do you think you ares” just to get the chance to vote. We’re still in the ring. Fighting everyday, sometimes as a collective, most times individually (and depending on the results that too becomes for the collective) having the nerve, guts, and glory to show up to our own lives, making champions over circumstances, and pointed fingers telling us that we forgot where we came from and to stay in our place. Leaning in or demanding that we be accepted and respected if we choose to lean out or lean back, or lean to the side…

And when I think on all of this and how it applies to ordinary life and the way I’m choosing to live it. I think, screw it! Why ask for permission? May as well be myself, may as well create my own luck, may as well let the naysayers keep on yapping. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Herstory and the many herstories before has taught me that that’s when real change begins.


Until next time…Peace!


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