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Are you living? I’ve come across this questions many times and now, quickly, almost reflexively answer it the same. This time I read the question while scrolling an e-newsletter sent by one of the Love Yourself Love Your Business Speakers, Izzy. This time, I decided to pause and really think about what that question really meant and why I felt qualified to answer yes. Not only answer yes, but whole-heartedly believe in my yes, even if I stood in that belief alone.

I think there are many well-intentioned people out there who mean us no harm when they try to convince us of the path they believe will be best for us. I believe we are well-intentioned when we let them. It’s almost too easy to look up to those who accomplish many things deemed ‘better than average’ in our society, just as simple to follow what they say. But I’ve always wondered if we stripped away the titles, and the accolades, the prestige, and privilege, would we still see such a person the same?

Likewise, if we didn’t climb steep mountains, or go backpacking around the world and wrote books about it, or build schools in developing countries, abandon our hometowns and detach from our comforts…are we unadventurous? I don’t believe so.

Apparently, many people don’t either, because when books like The Happiness Project become bestsellers, and massively popular it proves that deep down we either believe or desire to believe that we can indeed become extraordinary individuals even while experiencing a seemingly ordinary life.

Then, living, is an inside work that comes to reveal itself through our outward expressions.

We either create a career for ourselves, or we take up a job.

We either wake up and pay attention, or we remain in a haze wondering how the time flew by and situations caught us unawares.

We either believe in our inner superheroines/heroes, or we refuse to accept our gifts and spin in circles.

We either pursue, stumble often, get back up and pursue some more, or we fall down and become a part of the agenda to keep each other at the bottom of the barrel.

So, if living is as an inside work that overflows out, then it becomes a choice you make everyday. Everyday you can choose to embody Your best.

Living also requires love. Seeing love, showing love, being love.

So, are you choosing to live? Or rather, in what areas of your life Are you choosing NOT to live? And what can, and are you willing to do this moment,  today, this week, this month, to get started living now?

Until next time…Peace!


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