I must confess, I am a dreamer. I get so lost in my dreams, that I sometimes forget to take care of myself…like get at least 6 hours of sleep kind of take care of myself. For most of my life, I’ve resented this about myself. Dreamers are lazy, dreamers are lost causes because they don’t get nothing done. So, I became a doer. I needed to be doing something, anything so that I wouldn’t be called a useless dreamer. And because I suppressed my dreams, I stopped dreaming of all the good things that made dreamers something positive, something more socially acceptable, if they had a breakthrough of course; a visionary. What’s worse, when I was told it was ok, (let that sink in for a second) to envision things, and instructed to then place these images of my visions on boards and such, naturally I resisted because well, why dream?

So, now with permission to dream, guess what I saw…good things for everyone else but me. That’s how you end up climbing ladders and finding that it’s leaning against the wrong building.(I believe that was Dave Ramsey who wrote that.)That’s how you end up moving your ladder to the next building, and then the next, and then the next.

I don’t think it’s wrong to help build up someone else’s dream. I believe there’s possibility in every encounter and every situation to uplift and learn from one another. But we do ourselves and those like us an injustice when we leave our own dreams out of the equation…when we don’t see ourselves in our highest light.

I am all onboard team get into action mode. But I don’t think we need to be rebels without a cause when we are essentially working towards a much in common goal-having a purposeful year (like every year) and fulfilling life. That life with purpose, that vision, that dream come true involves all of us, all of us seeing ourselves in that vision, in our dreams come true.

What does that mean practically speaking? It means seeing yourself 1st as someone who can own that dream home and indeed be debt free. Seeing yourself 1st as someone who is worthy of the prices you charge or the raise you deserve not because you were coached or mentored into it but because you believe you are worth every penny. Seeing yourself 1st as that Best-selling author, or that singer accepting her 1st grammy, or that loving mother who is still her husband’s “Signed, sealed, and delivered” so many years and stretch marks later, yet still herself-a woman, in the mix, or even that second chance at romance this time knowing how to love and be loved and even throwing in all that jazz that women like to read about in fiction novels just because…why not be a dream come true?

Practically speaking, it starts with a dream and yes, we, the dreamers are worthy…even dreamers are enough.

Until next time…Peace!

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