Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring: Vincent Ogutu

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How You Can Help

1) See how Vincent gives hope to some of the most demoralized people on the planet, and take a page from his book:

2) Contribute to research that will help entrepreneurs connect better with what they do, here\’s a link to Vincent\’s 15 minute survey targeting entrepreneurs:

Here\’s a quick summary of what Vincent talked about during our interview. (He was kind enough to email it over  )

“I talk about the coincidence of being asked to talk to prisoners and my then finding out that my training so far has positioned me to inspire people like that and give them hope. I wanted to run away from any such endeavor since I wouldn\’t have time, and then I realized I couldn\’t tear myself away. For the first time in my life, I had found a problem I could solve. I\’ve always wanted to solve problems (poverty, disease, war, etc) but never really thought I had anything particularly unique to offer. Now suddenly I was confronted by a problem I\’d never worried about before (people languishing in despair, in prison), and I realized my training in the psychology of meaningful work, and my experience as a teacher (public speaking skills) combined wonderfully to enable me to inspire hope in people.”

About Vincent

Vincent is a Doctoral Candidate (ABD) at Rutgers Business School, NJ and is making the world a better place by helping people create meaningful work experiences. His dream is to turn his students into social entrepreneurs. After getting them to propose solutions to problems in society as part of a social entrepreneurship course, he would challenge them to actually do it. Not just to shelve it as a finished course assignment, but to take the dare – as he had to, kicking and screaming  – and actually turn their ideas into reality. Be the Change!

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