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1) Lynette: What does “Be The Change” mean to you?

Faith: Be the change to me means that change starts with you as an individual and the ripples effect should be seen in the your attitude and how you handle day to day obstacles.

2) Lynette: Can you tell me about the work you’re doing over in Mombasa, Kenya?

Faith: Girls Shift Africa works to empower and inspire young women and girls to believe in themselves and rocking know That they can make it no matter the circumstances.
We do have mentorship sessions with institutions.
We are in the process of starting new program.

~women as tools/ambassador for peace in the homestead , community and the whole nation as a whole.

Last year we were trained with a organization called creators of peace circles and in July we had a recap with them and it was one awesome day as we shared how the training changed our lives and our relationship with friends and family.

3) Lynette: Why should someone care to give back? And what does that typically look like?

Faith: For me giving as always been part of my day to day activity. I feel it is our responsibility to take care of each other. What makes [us] do this work is the feedback [we] get from parents and guardians of the girls that we work with in institutions.

They always want to have us back, but the resources are minimal so we are just able to reach the few we can.
If you give to us it goes a long way to mentor a young Girl having problems with self esteem , one who doesn\’t know who to talk about the common teenager body changes also helps us to spread the awesome awareness of peace and conflict resolution.

4) Lynette: Business owners and grassroots organization leaders-how can we combine our superpowers and create real impact?

Faith: I Believe that entrepreneur(s) are in solidarity, so things move a bit faster plus the power of networking is just too wide this Is the only Way small business owners can grow. When we are in unison it is easier to access funds etc.

5) Lynette: What is one actionable piece advice you can give someone who wants to start a nonprofit or take up a cause?

Faith: Just make sure that you are passionate about the business /organization cause. Without passion it will be very easy to drop and just leave. But if you love what you do, money will never be an issue because you will try all the techniques possible to make sure that the organization thrives.

How You Can Help

1) Girls Shift is a very Grassroots organization so any donations are going straight to the women who are boots to ground. Please reach out to Faith via her Facebook Page to learn how you can support these young girls and women over in Africa. Girls Shift Africa Facebook Page

About Faith

Known to friends as Fei-zy, she is the iniatiator of Girls Shift Africa. Faith works in Tudor, an impoverished area in Mombasa, Kenya, where she inspires and empowers girls and young women to give their gifts to the shift and realize their full potential. Faith, along side volunteers are breaking the cycle of poverty and dependency by upLifting, inSpiring and emPowering girls and young women to Be Who They Really Are and shine their lights.


Until Next Time…Peace!

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