*Web series has ended but you can watch all episodes on YouTube via the MoonTube Channel

I’m super excited to introduce to you the launch my New Web Show “Your Mental Wellness Matters” with co-host Dr. Angela Clack of Clack Associates, LLC and Women’s Empowerment Group International Inc.


We plan to bring on guest speakers for Q & A segments who specialize in specific fields that affect mental wellness.

The new show will talk about various topics under the umbrella of mental health and wellness. Including Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Stigma, and SOOOO much more.

For now, we plan to LIVESTREAM two shows a month. And yes, they will be recorded but attending a LiVE set will give you an oppurtunity to interact and ask questions right then and there.

Please Check out our 1st Episode below and Please SHARE with your friends and family. We offer practical insight with some practical practices you can put to use as soon as you’re finished watching.


If you have any questions or want to offer feedback so we can improve your viewing experience please let me know either in the comment section below or send me a private email at hello (at) LynetteDavis (dot) com

Until Next Time…Peace!

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