I hope you enjoy the 2nd episode of my New Web Show “Your Mental Wellness Matters” with co-host Dr. Angela Clack of Clack Associates, LLC and Women’s Empowerment Group International Inc.

#YourMentalWellnessMatters will talk about various topics under the umbrella of mental health and wellness. Including Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Stigma, and SOOOO much more.

For now, we plan to LIVESTREAM two shows a month. And yes, they will be recorded and uploaded to my Youtube channel but attending a LiVE set will give you an opportunity to interact and ask questions right then and there.

Please SHARE with your friends and family. So we can indeed increase awareness letting those still suffering in silence know #YouAreNotAlone while reducing stigma in the process.

*sidenote* I wanted to start the new year off talking specifically about mental health disorders and I’ll be back to regular blogging next month. Be sure to follow me on Blab to catch the webshows when they air Live.

Until Next Time…Peace!

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