So, you’ve…

Filed your “Doing Business As”,

Created a airtight client contract,

And wrote a business plan, right? (One Page Plans are better than No Page Plans 😉 )

You’re feeling on top of the world!!!

These business necessities aren’t just a “break glass in case of emergency” thing that you only think about when there’s a problem.

You thought strategically about how to run your business when you started it. You spent hours studying what makes a business run smoothly. You mapped out how to avoid problems. And devised plans for what to do when a problem rears its ugly head.

But have you thought about making a mental wellness plan?

Let me ask you two questions…

1. Do you know what makes for good mental health? mentalwellnessdef

Good sleep, healthy eating, exercise, meaningful relationships, daily routines, helping others….

2. Are you actively planning how to DO the things listed above?

No one would recommend running a business haphazardly…

Getting in good accounting “whenever you can” & marketing “when the weather is good” & following up “when I feel like it.”

And you shouldn’t run your mental health that way either.

Creating a mental health plan to go alongside your business will help you feel less irritable day-to-day, more in control, & less vulnerable to emotional distractions.

That’s why I wrote The ABC Method to Managing Your Mental Health While Running a Business.

Even if you’re doing work you love & are passionate about, you can find yourself spiraling out of control.

From being a “Yes Woman” to struggling to find a way to meet your needs, you should plan for your mental well-being.

Because while climbing the proverbial ladder to success, you can become absolutely miserable, full of anxiety, & constantly fighting the work/life balance blues.

It’s time to start taking your mental wellness practice just as serious as any other habit or routine you’ve developed to achieve financial success.

Through The ABC Method to Managing Your Mental Health While Running a Business, you’ll learn 3 basic steps that’ll help guide you on your way.

Sign up here for a free PDF of The ABC Method to Managing Your Mental Health While Running a Business.

Until Next Time…Peace!

Oh! By the way, if you want to learn more about the blogger of this post feel free to check out my about page.

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