The 2017 Be The Change Interview Series

Week 2 – Featuring: Vernetta R. Freeney, Podcaster, Instructor, and Organizer

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Vernetta R. Freeney is the Creator/Producer of the podcast, ‘A Toast To Truths.’ She teaches stressed individuals how to claim their peace using journaling as a tool. She was one of the Top 100 Young Professionals in Houston 2015 and featured on and EOFire podcast.

When she’s not teaching you how to prevent stress, she’s reading a really good book, binge watching Netflix or cheering on her beloved Dallas Mavericks. Vernetta is a regular guest on blogs, podcasts and other media. She speaks at conferences, workshops, trainings and more across the country with her je ne sais quoi introverted speaking style.

If all this isn’t enough, Vernetta is an ESL Instructor for 10 years and founding Organizer of the Houston African American Bloggers Association.

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Resources mentioned

The Truth Confidant™ Journal 


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