Happy Father’s Day (Infographic)

Happy Father’s Day To All the Proud Dads Out There! Here is a cool infographic I found on the history of Father’s Day a little tid bit about our spending habbits on daddy. Does this sound about right to you?

Why Mommy is A Boss…

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE BOSS MOMS OUT THERE! Yes, I used the term Boss (I had to have some fun with this) Source: http://FrugalDad.com

Work-Life Balance and Social Media

Flickr Credit: TTCPressimagesLately, I’ve been noticing a sort of anti-social media whisper hovering around the web. Not surprisingly, the whispers are coming from those who have been early adapters of social networking. Okay, I’m over exaggerating a bit, not quite...

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