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Change is…well, if you ask me it’s hard. I think we like familiar patterns, even if it means our unhappiness. If that weren’t somewhat true we wouldn’t stay at jobs we hate, we wouldn’t stay in unhealthy relationships, and we wouldn’t suppress our very essence so we could fit in with the familiarly of those around us. There are also times when we get feisty, we want the representation of said change, like yesterday, without all the hassle that comes with it. So yes, we want more, we want better, yet we resist the process.

But if we really want to push through, stay the course, reach our fullest potential-then we have to come clean with ourselves so we can move out of our own way.

What are we afraid of? Is it fear of failure or success? That we can’t measure up because we have a bad case comparison syndrome? That no one will “get us”, quirks and all?

I had a recent conversation with a colleague about the changes I wanted to make over here on and realized I was resisting the changes I’ve been wanting to make dismissing my writing here as only a hobby, as if my voice didn’t matter as much. Why?  Because here on this space I wear my heart on my sleeves, here, I’m exposing myself to critique, and if I didn’t take here to the place I really wanted to take it, I couldn’t get hurt if I failed, or if people judged me. Even though I knew, showing up to life in any state you will get judged because that’s what folk do. Funny how we know so much, will explain, and make excuses for ourselves to run from ourselves. So, after talking it out, and letting it digest some, letting all the positive seeds that my many life teachers have sown into me take root, I knew it was time to do what I have to do.

This wasn’t an overnight thing-getting to the point of ‘I will make the biggest investment I can for my own development so I can embrace my purpose’. The wonderful thing about change is that is a process. Habits don’t die so easily, and naysayers don’t go away. So you have to trust the process, act despite your fears, crawl when pressure is weighing you down, and take massive leaps instead of letting the floor fall from under you, and just know that the process works.

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