Recently, I sent an email out that started with a question.

“What’s the one thing that directly affects the quality of your work, relationships, and future?”

And in that same email I offered my take…

“…that one thing is love. Specifically, your commitment to loving yourself.”



A commitment to anything usually requires work. Work doesn\’t have to be seen as something to dread every Monday morning; it can be seen as an opportunity to Activate your Inner Strength, your Inner Wisdom, and all the intricacies that make up your Inner Superheroine.

To be honest, that is easier said then done. And I find it even more challenging as someone with a history of mental health issues.

Nevertheless, I press on. And many times I press on because of you. We may have never met, but I know there is a human behind the screen. You may not leave a comment, but I know you read my posts. And every once in a while I\’ll get an email from someone who tells me that something I wrote gave them a boost for the day, or helped them change their perspective about something they felt stuck about. All of it makes my heart smile. A heart I once thought was completely cold and hardened.

And so, because of LOVE I am transformed. Because of LOVE I continue to be art in motion and a story worth telling. And I am super grateful for all the LOVE we share with one another. Especially in the midst of all the hate, fears, ego tripping, and social injustices taking place here and around the world.

I wanted to express what was in my heart inspired by listening to you, learning to love, learning that we need more love, and learning that much like bathing, love is most effective as a daily practice. I know that sometimes we get caught up in life and we sometimes forget who we are, we forget our WHY and we forget that we are NOT ALONE. It\’s rough out there, and I get that.

So, I\’ve created the Because Love Is… Manifesto Poster to help you continue to overcome self-doubt and embrace loving yourself. Thank you for being YOU :-)

Simply visit and download your copy.

No sign up or ccard required.

And the best part? It’s print ready!!!

Download. Print. Hang. Love.

Until Next Time…Peace!

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