Ask For What You Want

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!” –Maya Angelou


If nothing else seemed to stick with me these past few weeks of March, this quote has remained at the core of my thoughts and the drive behind my most recent efforts.

You see, this Women’s History Month I feel very compelled to take my own advice and Act Despite Fear. I mean, How could I be so afraid to step out of my comfort zone,  and release the Unique Super Power I’m meant to share with the universe? So many before me, like the women suffragists who took far greater risks to bring us rights we sometimes take for granted have paved the way, why wouldn’t I want to take their lead?

And so, keeping that in mind, my asking for support when I was feeling stuck, didn’t seem to make me feel embarrassed this time around; asking my friends and followers to consider my written testimony, which presents the case for ‘believing that you can truly climb up from a place of brokenness to having hope and walking in purpose’, a most inspiring blog for women. (Contest is over but their pin boards are awesomesauce…Thanks for all the votes! You all Rock!)  I can boldly ask for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T  when I feel my kindness is being mistaken for weakness, or proudly proclaim that because I asked,  I now get to co-host an Award-Winning networking event exclusively for women, and sit on a panel with some Amazing Game Changers in their respective industries, (You should totally come out and join me there!)

But I said all this to say, Don’t Be so full of pride to humble yourself and  Ask For Help. Don’t Assume that people are mind readers and feel it not worth it to ask your companion for some gloves when you realize he was never going to notice you complaining about your hands being cold all the time 😉 and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For the Sale!

And if you ever needed a sign…

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You Are Somebody, But First You Have To Believe

walking on waterI read a lot about people who have come from the bottom of the barrel and climbed to the top. These are my favorite stories because I relate to these kinds of people much more than someone who was spoon-fed all their riches and glory. They give off a, ‘hey, if they can do it I can too’ kind of vibe. But one thing that never sits well with me, is when they say that they were a nobody, and then became a somebody after they “made it”. So you mean to tell me that you’re a nobody during the climb? I think not.

Now, depending on how you define success, your “made it” could be being the mother of 5 healthy babies and a loving helpmate to your husband, or it could be donning the title of CEO to a fortune 500 company. But truth be told, if you wait around for others to acknowledge you, to give you definition, then you’ll forever be looking to find yourself.

The other instances are when I read ‘oh nobody wants me’, or ‘I’m at the bottom of the totem pole’ and all that other negative self-depreciative talk. And the big one, ‘who am I?’ who am I to do this, or do that, who am I to be this, or to be that, and then get upset when they get a response that basically says well, you’re “nobody if you don’t know”.

And there it was, “Nobody if you don’t know.”  How many times have we talked ourselves out of starting a project because we felt we weren’t good enough? How many times have we convinced ourselves that he wouldn’t want us because we felt we we’re pretty enough?  How many times have we walked away from opportunity because we didn’t feel talented enough? And how many times have we said Next Year I’ll do it next year, then next year came and by the 3rd week of January you were screaming next year again?  

I’m not coming from a place of spoon-fed knowledge this is the echo of a woman who has muttered far worse things about herself and finally took a stand and said enough is enough! And trust me, it isn’t easy and it’s an ongoing battle of the mind. But you see, I believe we are all somebody whether someone else acknowledges it or not. If we don’t believe it why should anyone else?

Last year, a general consensus was made that I needed to work on my confidence. People who stood in my corner all saw something in me that I coudn’t wrap my mind around and that mental block hindering my growing progress. It was time for me to move.  I had been in the ‘well, at least I’m not where I was last year’ mode too long. Towards the end of the year I finally said to myself ‘bump it, I’m just gonna make it do what it do’ and so I made mental notes that I would put in a conscious effort to no longer downplay myself as an individual or the time I put in trying to be a darn good woman and professional. If I wanted to realize my vision and not just get stuck and labeled as a only a dreamer, I had to 1st see myself accomplishing everything I mapped out in my head to be my destiny. I had to 1st see me.

Believing in ourselves, embracing our gifts, knowing we can always sharpen our skills and abilities, is key to doing the unthinkable. Because although you may have cheerleaders in your corner, a cheering squad can take you but so far, especially when your biggest contender is yourself.  If you want to be somebody you have to believe that you are somebody. (What? Did you think I was going to say ‘and you want to go somewhere then you better wake up and pay attention)

You are what you believe in your heart to be true.

You have to believe that you are somebody who deserves to be loved, if you want genuine love, because quite frankly you won’t tolerate anyone for long who doesn’t love you the way you want them to. You have to believe that you deserve to be cherished, that you deserve a promotion, your ideal client, a trip to California so you can finally see some of the best cosplayers around! Well, you get the picture 😉

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. -Marianne Williamson

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Success-How Bad Do You Want It?

This post was inspired by How Bad Do You Want it? Someone asked me what day of the week is my favorite. While I greatly enjoy the weekend, since it seems that everyone comes out to play after a long work week. I would have to say that I am a Monday person. I think to myself, ok, this is a new week, a new chance to do better than last week; Here is a new opportunity to stay on course or go the extra mile, another chance to prove to myself that my head is in the game and I’m in it for the win. My business partner wonders if I always have motivation and drive for our business. That’s a fast No! I struggle with insecurity due to the uncertainty that comes with entrepreneurship, fears of both success and failure, and confidence from time to time. But, at the same time I want to fight, I want to press on, I want to realize the success I’ve envisioned and I refuse to give up until I get there. Then, after I get there, I want to better my personal best. And I know the biggest deterrent in reaching my goals is none other than myself.

You have to have a mind transformation

People argue about whether or not positive psychology is complete bologna, or if positive thinking advice is best suited for the constant struggles of everyday life.  Based on the fact that this disciple has been used for years, long before they gave it a name, (read any religious book or even war story-the elements are present) I have also personally seen better days despite my circumstances, I gonna have to say yes, it works.  Since people are still advocating for it, still speaking about it, coming up with vision board classes, consistently posting motivational quotes on social media and pictures because they make people feel good, (something that gets more Facebook likes and Twitter retweets than “life sucks then you die” posts btw) again,  I would say, it works. A phrase I used to hear a lot in my previous field of work was, “trust the process the process works” the question then becomes, How bad do you want it? Will you dodge boulders plunging towards you on your climb up what seems like the Mt. Everest of success mountain? Will you give up that cup of Starbucks so you can finally start that emergency savings fund? Will you finally stop complaining about your job, your sour relationship, your hard-headed kids, your feeling of being stuck and be the change you desire to see?

What are you willing to do to achieve your goals, vision, success story, and How bad do you want it?


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There’s Always Hope

Let’s talk about that pivotal moment when someone you haven’t spoken with a quite some time asks you, “How are you doing?” and in response you smile in kind and honestly say, “Just fine, thank you for asking”. Never for a moment forgetting about the car that needs a fixing, the bill that needs to be paid, the kids that need a feeding, and the overall uncertainty of tomorrow, you realize “just fine” flows smoothly from your lips and you mean every word of it. I call it hope. Hope in a better tomorrow, hope that the bad times will fade away, hope that the universe repays you for the good karma you sent its way.

I’m reminded of a cute story someone passed along to me it was an excerpt from Hope for the Flowers I thought I’d pass it along to you enjoy…

Yellow, a very special caterpillar, searches for more in life. She knows the pain of the climb. She knows that this is not for her. She knows the pain of the end of a relationship, but she will not let the pull of Stripe, her partner, make her do something that she knows is wrong for her. Still she does not know what is right for her. She trusts in herself that there must be something more in life. She wanders. And she meets a grey caterpillar spinning a cocoon. Thinking that he must be in trouble to be doing something so peculiar, she offers to help him. He signals that he is doing what he needs to do to be a butterfly. Yellow is excited. And when she asks what a butterfly is, she is told that this, a butterfly, is what she truly is. Puzzled, she questions how such a transformation is possible. “How can I believe there’s a butterfly inside…when all I see is a fuzzy worm?” “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” “You mean to die?” “…What’s really you will still live. Life is changed, not taken away.”


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7 Ways To Raise Your Self-Esteem

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It’s been awhile since I’ve added any content to the Inspirations and Affirmations category. So, I found this piece I received some time ago, and thought I would share it with you all. Enjoy!

The esteem in which we hold ourselves is the single most important factor in determining out success and our happiness. If you know that you deserve success, that is precisely how you will think and act. Here are 7 methods you can use to help raise your self-esteem.

  1. Affirm each day that you and only you determine your self worth. Don’t ever judge yourself based upon the opinions of others.
  2. Practice living your life based on inner signals. Permitting your life to be taken over by another person is like letting a waiter eat your dinner, and you’re stuck with the bill.
  3. Learn to welcome failures. High self-esteem comes from belief that all obstacles are lessons rather than proof of your incompetence as a person.
  4. Remind yourself each day that NOW is the working unit of your life. (The past is behind you and the future isn’t promised, so live each day and truly live it!)
  5. Eliminate self-depreciating statements from your vocabulary. Stop telling yourself, “I have no talent” and replace it with “I know I can learn this with practice”.
  6. Stop expecting other people to understand you! You must decide if you like your behavior. If not, then change it without expecting anyone else to agree with you or understand you. Your life will only make sense when you don’t need other people to confirm that it does.
  7. Take small risks each day and praise yourself for doing so, regardless of the outcome. Simply remind yourself how terrific you are for taking a risk and growing as a human being.

As I type this piece up, I feel just as empowered as I did when it was first given to me. Affirmations are there to remind us of our foundation, keep us focused on the bigger picture, and remain true to honoring our values. I hope these affirmations help you if you’re ever feeling off balanced and need to return to your center. If you would like to add to this list, I would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time…Peace, Love, and Wellness!

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